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ac and heat repair

Atlanta has some of the worst traffic in the nation, and a long commute during rush hour in the middle of a long Georgia summer without proper air conditioning can feel like torture. The team at Speed Auto Repair knows that feeling better than anyone, which is why we take pride in our automobile AC system repair services and keeping drivers in Alpharetta, GA and the metro Atlanta area cool and comfortable while driving. To make sure you can stay driving in comfort, bring your car in for some AC maintenance and repair here at Speed Auto Service!

Auto AC Service Alpharetta GA

If your car’s AC isn’t working like it used to, keep a cool head and come see the team at Speed Auto Center to get it taken care of! We’ll get you in and out of our shop in no time, and get you back on the road in comfort. When you bring your vehicle into the Speed Auto Center in Alpharetta, GA, we’ll do a complete inspection and diagnostic of your AC system, and answer any questions you may have about possible service and repairs needed. We’ll check for any leaking fluid or faulty parts that need to be replaced, leaving you with peace of mind!

Auto AC Repair Alpharetta GA

When your AC is in need of more serious repair, it can be hard to know what you should do next. Often, our car’s AC system can go ignored, since it seems like such a minor component in ensuring your car is running properly. But when a faulty AC system is left unattended for too long, it not only makes for uncomfortable travel, it can cause serious damage to your vehicle, especially if you’re leaking any fluids. So if you’re experiencing weak air flow, a weird smell in your vents, or only hot air coming out, come by Speed Auto Repair in Alpharetta, GA for all your auto AC Repair needs.

Auto AC Repair Near Me

A comfortable drive is not a privilege to be taken lightly, especially when you live in one of the biggest commuter states in the country. That’s why Speed Auto Center will get you the trusted and reliable service you need to keep your driving in comfort, even on your long commute home. Drivers in Alpharetta, GA can trust the team at Speed Auto Center to get their AC working like new, and to make their drives a breeze! To schedule an appointment, feel free to book online, or give us a call or swing by our shop during business hours!

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