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wheel alignment

When your car’s alignment is off or needs repair, it can cause a roadblock in safe driving. Your wheel, or tire, alignment is a vital part of your vehicle’s performance and safety. Misalignment of your wheels and tires can cause lasting damage to your vehicle if not checked and repaired in a timely manner. When your alignment is off and left unattended, it can cause your tires to wear down and cause your car to veer off to one side of the road. So if your alignment is off and needs to be checked, don’t wait, come see the pros at Speed Auto Repair today! Drivers in Alpharetta, GA trust the experts at Speed Auto Repair for all of their wheel, tire, and car alignment services and repair, and we take pride in giving you the ride you deserve. Stop in today, and we’ll get you in and out of our shop with ease and get you back on the road!

Wheel Alignment Alpharetta GA

When the team of mechanics at Speed Auto Service are checking your wheel alignment, we do a few things to ensure that we’re giving you the best service and repair possible. During the inspection of your vehicle’s alignment, we check the camber, caster, and toe angles of your wheels. Your camber is the tilt, inward and outward, of each wheel, your caster refers to the angle made by your vehicle’s pivot point from the front to the back of your car, and the toe is the inward and outward angle of each of your wheels. In checking your camber, caster, and toe, we can be assured that we’re doing all we can to get your alignment straightened out, and give you a safe, comfortable ride.

Car Alignment Service Alpharetta GA

To make sure that your vehicle is going to keep you safe on the road and prevent more permanent damage to your car down the road, be sure to bring your car in for regular service and maintenance. At Speed Auto Repair, we have been taking care of drivers in Alpharetta, GA for years by giving them the best wheel alignment services around. In addition to alignment services to your car, we can also check your tire pressure and replace or patch up any tires with air leaks, change your oil and check your filters, perform maintenance on your car’s AC system, and much more!

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For the best wheel alignment services in Alpharetta, GA, come to Speed Auto Service today! To schedule your appointment, you can book online anytime, or give us a call or swing by our shop!

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